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Three aspects of high-end manufacturing equipment - laser welding machine
Date:2022.12.12Visits:Source:Xinde (Shenzhen) Laser Equipment Co., LTD
Laser welding is the use of high power laser pulse for local heating of materials. The energy of the laser is transferred through heat into the material, causing it to melt, forming a special molten pool. Some people in the use of continuous laser welding machine, will ask: what is the laser continuous welding machine? What product is laser welder suitable for? What are the application problems of laser welder in industry?

What is a laser continuous welder?

Laser continuous welding is a kind of high-end, new welding process, it is usually composed of "welding host" and "welding platform", through the laser and fiber connected together, through the long-distance transmission, so that the focus on the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous welding, so as to make the welding more firm, more detailed. It is suitable for the welding of high-precision parts of thin-wall materials, which can be spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing and so on. According to the needs of different industries, according to different production needs, the shape of the product, the table can be matched, and can realize automatic operation, fully meet the needs of customers in different industries.

What are the advantages of laser welding equipment?

With a wide range of welding functions, can achieve lower weld width, lower heat affected zone deformation, faster welding speed, flatter weld, higher welding quality, accurate control and higher positioning accuracy. First of all, the butt position of the welding machine is not easy to touch, can use no contact mode, more flexible operation; In addition, the use of CCD camera monitoring system, not only convenient for accurate positioning, but also convenient for the observation of the welding process, but also convenient for the distribution of welding energy, to ensure the beauty of the welding parts and performance; Assist enterprises to realize automatic factory, multi-beam processing, mass production, in the same kind of products show the advantages of high output; Finally, the laser welding machine uses imported raw materials, the life of more than 10 years.

What is the main use of laser continuous welder?

Due to the continuous improvement of its intelligence, it has become the high-end equipment in the welding industry, especially the demand for precision welding. This machine is suitable for all kinds of lithium battery welding, such as square aluminum shell seal, explosion-proof valve, convergence plate, liquid injection port, pole to nickel, pole to nickel, rotary stud welding, busbar module welding, etc.